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The Riptide Pool Vacuum System is a high-powered, ultra-portable, battery-operated manual pool vaccum.

It is suitable for swimming pools, spas, lakes, ponds, and any water feature that don’t have an independent
vacuum point, or are simply too complex to connect to a suction pump.

Country of Origin - United States


The Riptide SL vacuum has many innovative features such as a locking bag ring, stair roller, ten-year case warranty, and 2 storage bins.

Having a power cable plugged into the cart, allows you to effortlessly coil your cable and prevents damage to the cable.

It also features a fully adjustable handlebar allowing you to achieve the perfect balance of the cart, no matter what size battery you are

using. Use with any battery size from a 35-amp hour battery up to a group 29.


• One Pole Coupler
• One Leaf Rake/Brush Adapter
• One Steering Knuckle
• One Standard Pole Adapter
• One Standard Bag

*Battery and Battery Charger not included


Riptide XP is an ultra-portable pool vacuum and battery box combo. The battery box will hold a 35-amp hour

battery (providing 4 hours of run time)


• Riptide Vacuum Head with 40 feet of cable
• 35 Amp Hour Battery Box
• 1 Standard Bag
• 1 Pole Adapter
• 1 Leaf Rack Adapter
• One Steering Knuckle
• One Standard Pole Adapter

*Battery and Battery Charger not included