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Piscimar, a brand specialized in chemical products to treat water in private and commercial pools. Its range of products covers all the needs for a correct treatment and chemical balance of the water in your pool.

Piscimar products are of high-quality and spectacular performance to solve all kinds of water problems quickly and effectively.

Country of Origin - Spain


Phosphates are the food of algae and they are generated in bigger amounts in pools treated with salt chlorination equipment or active oxygen. Phos-out removes phosphates from water, preventing the growth of algae. This product prevents the presence of algae, making it easier to maintain the pool


Super concentrate brightener: gets water rid of grease, sun-tan oils, organic matter, pollen and all kind of particles by coagulation. These don’t deposit in the bottom, they will be eliminated by the skimmer or drain, keeping the dirt captured into the filter. It prevents scum line formation, making it easier to clean. It is compatible with all kind of filtration systems.


Multipurpose product of five fold effect:                                                                     
• It provides a bright blue color
• Great effectiveness against algae
• Repels water insects
• Increases water transparency
• Does not foam



This ultra-concentrated enzyme product is specifically developed to destroy all kinds of organic matter, by biodegradation, such as natural oils from human skin, sun tan oil, sun creams, etc. that ends up staining the waterline, swimsuits and clogging the filters.


Technical brightener, containing 12 tablets of 20g. Clarifies water in 24 hours and improves filtration performance. Can be used with any type of filter media,including diatomaceous earth and cartridge filters. Does not change the pH, alkalinity and water balance.


This technical clarifier can perform effective shock treatments to recover very cloudy waters in a short amount of time (approximately 12 hours). Extraordinarily improves filtration performance. It can be used with sand, glass and cartridge filters. It doesn’t change the pH or alkalinity and doesn’t saturate the water.


The ideal, multi-functional product for the setup process and water maintenance for salt chlorinators.
• Protects cells from encrustation of salt
• Eliminates phosphates
• Clarifies water
• Extends the life of the cell
• Reduces water and electricity consumption
• Improves the production of disinfectant
(significant financial savings)


Accelerate the recovery of green water by enhancing the effects of disinfectants and active chlorine in waters with a high content of Cyanuric Acid. It also eliminates pink bacteria.


For cleaning and descaling the cell of any kind of salt chlorinator without damaging or reducing cell life (does not produce toxic fumes). Immerse plates of the cell into PM-142 CELNET for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water, dry plates and use as new.


This product prevents unwanted floating and diving insects and parasites from gathering on top of the pool water. It reduces the surface tension of the water and allows bugs to drop to pool bottom when they can be vacuumed away.


Rapidly eliminates all kinds of algae that grows in swimming pools. Especially suitable for combating black, yellow, and brown algae.

The pool can be used immediately after the product has been added to the water. It can be used as a shock treatment in pools with salt generators.


A product for sealing pores and stopping up small cracks in the surface or the hydraulic circuit of swimming pools and spas. Spectacularly efficient.
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