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Saci Pumps is a company that specializes in the innovative design, production, and distribution of
pumps, hydraulic systems, and watermanagement equipment for residential and commercial use.

For over 40 years, they have been focused on expounding marketing demands with high-quality products
and reliable service.

Country of Origin - Spain


Self-priming pump for swimming pools with large prefilter generating a very high filtering capacity.

Available from 0.5 HP to 3 HP


Self-priming pool pump with prefilter and excellent hydraulic performance. Ideal for smaller pool installations.

Available from 0.25 HP to 1 HP.


Submersible pumps ideal for domestic use in filtration systems in isolated locations such as underground pump rooms, basements, garages, and for emptying pools.

Available from 0.28 HP to 0.75 HP. 


Extremely quiet, self-priming swimming pool pump with high flow motor engine capabilities ranging from 1450 rpm and 2900 rpm. Ideal for large filtration installations.

Available from 3 HP to 15 HP.


Cast iron centrifugal pump with an inlet prefilter and motor power at 1450 rpm. Ideal for large filtration equipment.

Available from 3 HP to 25 HP.


Aluminum blower pumps that produce a constant stream of air bubbles designed for swimming pools, spas, water treatment, drying cars, ventilation, dust extraction etc.

Available from 0.6 HP to 4 HP.