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With over 30 years of experience, Ezarri is one of the leading manufacturers of glass mosaics in the world. Their commitment to quality has set them apart to export 70% of their production to over 70 countries.

The unique Joint Point paneling system and range of models make Ezarri one of the best options for glass tiles.

In an exclusive partnership with MAK Pools & Gardens, their vast collection is readily available in the United Arab Emirates.

Country of Origin -  Spain 


Model: Bluestone
Model: Perla
Model: Daikiri
Model: Flowers
Model: Lava
Model: Etna
Model: Capricorn
Model: Delphinus
Model: 2543-D
Model: 2508-A
Model: 2577-C
Model: Marrón
Model: Bali Stone 50
Model: Corner 45-A SAFE
Model: Phyllite 50 Safe
Model: Celestite
Model: Layers


Ezarri enables its clients to personalize murals, borders and also digitally print on the mosaics of your choice. No limitation is put on the customer’s imagination. When in doubt about the color or style of mosaic to choose from, the “Mix Generator” tool available online proves to be the perfect solution!