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Since 1947, WEICON has been producing specialty repair products for industrial and residential use. Their range of items includes technical sprays, special adhesives, and sealants, and high-performance assembly pastes, and more.

Repair rather than replace. With their extensive range of easy to use products, anyone can effectively repair defective components rather than purchase new ones and ultimately save on their investments.

From production, to repair, and maintenance, their products are highly versatile for multiple purposes providing solutions to various professional backgrounds.

Country of Origin - Germany


Specially developed repair sticks by WEICON that achieve maximum adhesive power and simultaneous sealing effects on a variety of objects. 

  • Ideal for quick repairs on damp and wet surfaces 
  • Weather-resistant and high-strength sticks
  • Seal cracks, holes or leaks (Indoor & Outdoor)


WEICON Allround Sealing Spray is a sprayable plastic with a strong adhesion for the sealing of leaks. It has been developed especially for the sealing of the finest cracks and seams indoors and outdoors.

  • Adheres to almost all kinds of surfaces —pool walls, stone, metal, plastic, wood & more.

  • Resists temperature from -50 to +100°C

  • Waterproof, Weatherproof, & can be painted over

  • Protects metals against corrosion and is free of bitumen and silicone.


Aqua-Flex MS Polymer is an elastic adhesive that is ideally suited for bonding on wet and damp substrates; perfect for fixing loose mosaic tiles underwater. 
Aqua-Flex has an ISEGA certificate and can be used as an adhesive in foodstuff technology too.
  • Outstanding aging stability 

  • Resistant to weathering, UV rays, freshwater and saltwater

  • Free of silicone, isocyanate, halogens or solvents.

  • Suitable for the bonding of numerous materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, glass, and stone.


WEICON Pipe Repair Kit – The set is designed for the emergency repair of defective and damaged pipes and pipelines. The kit can be processed without any additional tools and is used for the reliable and permanent sealing of cracks and leaks on both dry and damp surfaces and can even be applied underwater. 

USE - activated by contact with water, the repair stick can be loaded within 30 minutes. It is particularly suitable for leaks in curves, T-pieces or places that are difficult to access.

  • Excellent adhesive properties, high pressure and chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Used on multiple surfaces - Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, PVC, fibreglass, concrete, ceramics, rubber & plastics.
  • Particularly suitable for sealing leaks in bends, T-pieces or in spaces difficult to access.

WEICON Flex+Bond

WEICON Flex+bond is a strong, high-strength power adhesive and sealant which can be used to bond nearly all materials to themselves and among each other such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, and ceramics.
  • Overpaintable (wet in wet) and suitable for sanding
  • Temperature resistant from -40°C to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F), weather-resistant, and resistant to aging and saltwater. 
  • Free of silicone, isocyanate, halogens, and solvents. 

NOTE: Weicon Flex+bond has an ISEGA certificate and can be used as an adhesive in foodstuff technology too.
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