Aligator water purification systems are the world leaders in using water
ionization techniques to purify water by eliminating algae and bacteria found in
swimming pools and water systems.

Country of Origin - United Kingdom
Reduces reliance on pool chemical use by up to 80%
Offers substantial savings over conventional chemical treatments
Reduces maintenance time

How aligator®  works...

Aligator works by harmlessly charging ions in the water which creates a residual disinfectant / algaecide throughout the whole pool. No other system other than chemical saturation will do this
Aligator programmes itself. Once the size of the pool has been entered into its computer, it continously monitors the condition of the electrodes and the pool water, and will alert the user if any attention is needed by a flashing a red light and an audio alarm.
In addition, stored in its data bank are the total working times of the pump, electrodes and main power supply.